WordPress Design and Development

We offer a wide range of WordPress development services ranging from sophisticated CMS implementations to the development of simple platforms for blogging. Should you have any enquirers about your project, please fill out the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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WordPress Theme Customization

Have a WordPress theme and need some customization work done? Do not worry, you have come to the right place. We have done a lot of WordPress theme customizations to help customers like you.
Whether you have stumbled upon us thorough one of our partners, or you have discovered us on your own, we are willing to assist you with customizing your theme.
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PSD to Responsive HTML Conversion

Can you afford to remain old psd-to-responsive and outdated in having a website that appears only on Desktop computers? No way – as your logic tells that your website must be quite modern and sophisticated in its features. PSD to Responsive Website Conversion is the true answer.

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Content Creation Services

Informative and well-written content is very important to your website’s success. It affects how well your website is ranked with Google and the experience of your potential clients. We help you drive traffic to your website and achieve your goals through our Content Creation Services.
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Meet the Founder

Name: Yavor Spassov
Title: WordPress Theme Developer
Employment: Freelancer
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

What I Do: I am a WordPress Theme Developer. I offer WordPress Theme Development Services. Whether you want a complete theme built from scratch or just a simple theme customization, I’m willing to discuss your needs and requirements with you.

Why I Love It: I get excited about creating appealing websites that connect people. Also, I feel most inspired when I think through difficult problems and am able to find the correct solutions. That is what motivates me the most.

How I Ended Up Here: I was always interested in computers. However, I had no idea it would lead me to a career in web development. As a developer I taught myself HTML, CSS, SASS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript and jQuery, but I really learned how to build truly functional websites when working on my clients’ projects.

An Advice For Aspiring Web Developers: Do not let the “fear of looking like an idiot” get in the way of asking questions or learning new things. Web development is not so different from writing a piece of paper or learning a foreign language. The biggest barrier to entry is very conceptual. When you approach web development with great determination to learn, wonderful things happen.

Address and Contact Information

We are located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Book an appointment or get in touch with us by email, telephone or Skype. We would like to hear about your business.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Hadzi Dimitar District
Skype: yavorspasov