Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch with Underscores

If you are a WordPress enthusiast and wish to learn how to make a WordPress theme from scratch and what are the steps to create such a theme, you may wish to start with one of the available starter themes. This will undoubtedly save you a lot of time and as the folks behind Underscores claim, you will have a head start of approximately 1000 hours if you decide to use their starter theme as a base for yours.
While there may already be several online tutorials on Underscores, I urge you to take a look at the one by Web Courses Bangkok. It is a detailed course on creating a simple portfolio theme with _s, consisting of 14 articles that result in the development of a WordPress theme ready to be added to the repository.

While the design of the theme is theirs, I was actively involved in the creation of the theme itself, which also means that should you have any questions about the course, you can ask about it in the comments section below or contact Web Courses Bangkok directly.

If you have never worked with Underscores before, this is your chance to learn how to create your own theme. If you are already familiar with it, you can compare my process of developing a WP theme with yours.

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2 thoughts on “Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch with Underscores

  1. 1000 hours?! It’s a big deal! I just make the first steps into making my own WordPress themes (and I like yours very much! totally should use them as example), and I hope this source will help me to make them with less pain.

    1. Hi John,

      A year and a half ago, I was also making my first attempts at creating a WordPress theme for After uploading 3 themes to their repository, I decided to share some of the knowledge I acquired in building themes with other people.

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